Exercise Videos

Rehabilitation Exercise Videos

These video clips are intended to be used by patients that are currently in rehabilitation or have completed their treatment plan at Ducat Chiropractic & Sports Medicine. Please do not attempt these exercises without the specific prescription of your chiropractic physician.  The instructions contained within these clips are not intended to be medical advice, indicating any treatment or cure. 

Neck and Upper Body

Cervical Ball Range of Motion

Neck and Chest Stretches

Mid-Back Foam Roller

Shoulder Range of Motion Using a Dowel

Chin Tucks

Scapular Retraction: On All FoursOn Rocker BoardOn Wall Table Slides

Neck Flexion using a Theraband

Neck Extension using a Theraband

Shoulder Retraction using a Theraband

Shoulder “W” using a Theraband

Lat Pull-Down using a Theraband

Shoulder “T”, “Y” and “W” on a Ball

Shoulder Circles on a Foam Roll

Push-Up Sequence

Rotator Cuff Exercises using a Theraband

Rotator Cuff Exercises using Free Weights

Low Back and Lower Body

Lumbar Ball Range of Motion

Iliotibial Band, Piriformis/Glute and Hamstring Mobilization using Foam Roller

Lower Body Stretches

Hip Extension

Lunge Sequence

Squat Sequence

Hip Hikes

Hip Abduction using Clams

Hip Abduction using Side-Steps

Hip Abduction using a Theraband

Hamstring Strengthening Sequence

Core and Balance

Pelvic Tilt

Unilateral Balance

Seated Leg Lift

Pelvic Bridge

Quad or Bird-Dog

Dead Bug

Superman on a Ball

Punch with a Step using a Theraband

Sword Exercise using a Theraband

Seatbelt Exercise using a Theraband

Lawnmower Exercise using a Theraband

Woodchop Up Exercise using a Theraband

Woodchop Down Exercise using a Theraband