My tight calves are so frustrating!

Tired of having tight calf muscles?  You’ve probably tried to stretch them, roll them on a foam roller, saw a massage therapist for deep tissue work or even had Graston Technique or cupping done on them.  Do you feel like you got anywhere?  Most people will feel some temporary relief after using these techniques and then wake up the next day with their calves being just as tight as they were before the self-inflicted torture.

Chronic tight calf muscles is a common problem for a variety of people including runners, weightlifters, and people with sedentary jobs.  I had chronically tight calves myself for years.  So embarrassing for a sports chiropractor, isn’t it?  It really started affecting my long distance runs and had pain in my feet and shins as a result.  Despite trying every mobility technique under the sun with little improvement, I was discouraged.

A few years ago I was introduced to a new way of increasing calf flexibility called the Sawing Plank (check out the step by step video below).  Unlike other techniques that I had used in the past, it tricks your body into improving mobility by forcing your core to stabilize in a plank position and then shifting your ankle in and out of a stretched position.  You can start with a 2 leg position and progress to a 1 leg version as you become more confident.

With this one technique, I saw more improvement in my calf flexibility within a few sessions than I had with all of the stretching and rolling systems I had tried over the past several years.  After seeing such great results, I have used it with a variety of patients with similar positive outcomes.

Sometimes tight muscles are tight because of lack of movement, but instead are chronically turned “on” by the brain to compensate for sleepy (or lazy!) core musculature.  By flipping the pattern, the brain gives your calf muscles permission to take a break, since the muscles of your trunk are pulling their weight for a change.

If you have tight calves, I would give the Sawing Plank a try as a first line treatment option.  If you have pain or other symptoms associated with your tight calves that persist for more than a couple of weeks, give us a call.  Why stay frustrated with your symptoms?  We can help you get answers and see results with natural, cost-effective chiropractic care.  Schedule online today at



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