Silly Exercises That Don’t Work: The Sit Up

The mainstay for most fitness programs, the sit up is one of the most widely used exercises to strengthen the core.  Research over the last 10 or so years have shown that this exercise is not very effective at building core strength and is linked to increasing your risk of low back pain.  Still not Read More

My neck hurts. What pillow should I use and how should I sleep? – Chiropractor Bloomingdale IL

Many people with neck pain complain that their neck hurts at night, they can’t find a comfortable pillow or that they wake up with stiffness along the neck and shoulders.  You should be spending at least 8 hrs a day resting your head on a pillow.  It only makes sense that you should put your neck Read More

Dr Erin: Is school hazardous to your child’s health?

Backpacks have been getting heavier every year.  Your kids are having to carry big loads on their backs, even though they may only weigh 60-70 pounds themselves!  Protecting your child’s back while they use a backpack is an important thing to monitor as they go back to school.  In 2001, nearly 7,000 people went to the emergency room Read More