Why is the core so important?

Almost all of my patients who present to my office with spinal pain, pelvic floor dysfunction or diastasis recti have a problem with their core.  This is because your core is much more than just your abdominal muscles, it describes the support system of the abdominal cavity and includes your diaphragm, abdominal muscles, back muscles Read More

Use Kettlebells to Become Anti-Fragile After A Back Injury

By: Erin E. Ducat DC, CSCS, CCSP, DACRB, FACO Chiropractic Physician in Bloomingdale, IL – Board-Certified in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Last weekend I attended the Strong First Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Certification in Rosemont.  It was a class highly recommended by my colleagues and it did not disappoint.  Becoming anti-fragile and raising your Read More

Don’t forget about your feet!

Sandal season should be right around the corner for the Chicago area.  Instead of simply getting a pedicure to prep your lower extremities, you might want to do a little maintenance on your ankle, foot and toe flexibility. I came across an excellent blog post, complete with some of the exercises I regularly prescribe to Read More

Is low Vitamin D keeping you from staying active?

By: Erin E. Ducat DC, CSCS, CCSP Did you know that vitamin D is vital for energy, muscle health, brain power and cancer prevention?  If you are low on your vitamin D, it can cause a variety of symptoms including increased muscle pain and general fatigue, which can keep you from maintaining your exercise program or Read More

Can your grip strength predict your risk for heart disease?

By: Erin E. Ducat DC, CSCS, CCSP Did you know your grip strength indicates more than your ability to open jars of peanut butter? As part of the international Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiological (PURE) study, researchers measured grip strength in nearly 140,000 adults in 17 countries and followed their health for an average of four Read More

A Joint By Joint Recipe for Success

By: Erin E. Ducat DC, CSCS, CCSP How many people do you know that are constantly stretching their low backs and hamstrings?  What about necks or shoulder blades?  Do they ever seem to “win the battle” and fix the area after stretching?  Are they stuck in a “stretch cycle” that only gives them temporary relief Read More

Do you have “White Girl Butt?”

By: Erin E. Ducat DC, CSCS, CCSP “White Girl Butt” (WGB) is at epidemic proportions in the American population causing flat butts, upside down butts and other posterior problems.  Not only is it affecting our namesake Caucasian females, but it’s now spreading to men and across all ethnic groups.  We have do something about this problem Read More

Have you hit a weight loss plateau?

By: Erin E. Ducat DC, CSCS, CCSP Are you having trouble losing weight despite exercising a lot?  Does your Fitbit register 10,000 steps but the scale and your clothes size is refusing to budge?  It seems as though our bodies are smart about conserving energy and that might be working against you. A recent article Read More

What is your fitness plan for 2016?

By: Erin E. Ducat DC, CSCS, CCSP By now all of us are probably feeling the affects of Thanksgiving dinner and are sitting on the couch planning out the holiday season, which most likely includes lots of eating and drinking!  So while you’re sitting on the couch, let’s think ahead into January.  What are your Read More

Performance vs. Movement Proficiency

By: Erin  E. Ducat DC, CSCS, CCSP Modern medicine has one of the worst track records when it comes to treating and managing patients with back pain.  From my experience, one of the biggest mistakes we’ve made in the last 50 years is ignoring the importance of “moving well” and just telling patients to “move Read More