Do You Run Like A Two Year Old? Advice from the Bloomingdale, IL Running Doctor

Small children seem to have built-in programming to walk and run.  Through a series of trial and error, toddlers are dashing around with perfect form without taking a class, watching a video or even reading the latest running book.  Let’s contrast that with what we would see if we had 20 random adults go for a Read More

Easy test for hip strength can predict knee pain risk

Knee and thigh pain are some of the most common complaints that we see in our pediatric and adult athletic patients, whether they run track, play softball or compete in triathalons.  Many times, patients will come in with a stack of CD’s containing MRIs, x-rays and other testing done on their leg to no avail Read More

Which is more important? Flexibility or Strength?

In the field of sports medicine, there are generally two camps of thought: doctors who think a lack of flexibility is the cause of most injuries and doctors who think a lack of strength is the cause of most injuries.  Those two groups of doctors influence athletic trainers, personal trainers, coaches and parents to either Read More

Improve Performance Through Hamstring Flexibility

In all track and cross country events, the flexibility of the hamstring muscle is crucial for speed, power and acceleration.  Unfortunately, hamstrings are tight in almost all of the athletes that participate in these sports at every level even though coaches have been leading their teams through hamstring stretches for decades at almost every practice.  Read More