High Value Care = Lower Overall Cost
We help patients recover about 50% faster than the average chiropractor or physical therapist.

Because Dr. Ducat is an out-of-network provider for all major health insurance plans, except for Medicare Part B, she can focus her energy on getting YOU better and not insurance company cookbook treatment plans or endless red tape.

What this means is you’ll have an unhurried one-on-one visits with the doctor (not unlicensed aides!), a wider range of treatment options and unparallelled clinical expertise.  

Quality Care is Efficient Care
We save you time, money and frustration.

The average in-network chiropractor or physical therapist sees you for about 12-18 visits for a typical low back pain episode and your cost totals about $1,668* -- not including any x-rays or MRIs that they might order.  If your deductible is not met, you have to pay for this entire cost out of your own pocket and waste a lot of time in their office.

We do things differently.  Many of our patients feel much better after just a couple of visits, don't need imaging and have total resolution of their symptoms within 6-8 visits with an average cost of only $850, a savings of 50% off of the typical in-network provider costs, not to mention relief in half the time.  

2019 Fee Schedule

Self Pay, Non-Medicare Patients

  • Initial Visit $200 (includes consultation, examination and any treatment rendered on first visit)
  • Established Patient, New Problem Visit $150
  • Follow Up Visits (Active Care or Wellness Care)
    • Brief Visit $50 (one service*)
    • Standard Visit $100 (two services*)
    • Extended Visit $150 (three services* or one service with extended exercises)
    • *Services Include: chiropractic adjustment, exercises or acupuncture.
  • Established Patient, Re-Exam Visit $150

Medicare Part B Patients

  • Medicare Part B covers chiropractic spinal adjustments only when medically necessary. If receiving a covered chiropractic spinal adjustment during your visit, your estimated patient responsibility is $30 less than our regular fees.

Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation or Indemnity Insurance Patients

  • All prices listed above are only for patients who pay at time of service.  If we accept assignment and bill your insurance plan, please add 15% to the above fees.
Massage Therapy Services
  • We do NOT bill insurance plans for massage therapy. It has been defined as a non-covered service by insurance companies and our massage therapists do not participate with any insurance plans.
  • You can use Flex Spending and HSA Accounts for massage therapy.
  • Gratuity is appreciated.


Our Massage Therapy Rates:

  • 30 minute Therapeutic Massage $40
  • 60 minute Therapeutic Massage $80
  • 90 minute Therapeutic Massage $120

*Pricing Reference: fairhealthconsumer.org search for Bloomingdale IL episode of Low Back Pain on 10/15/2019, Examination and Therapy Costs for In-Network provider.

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