It’s never too late to start becoming more active!

❇️ Only around 25% of people >65 meet the physical activity guidelines of 30 minutes activity/day. ❇️ New research shows it is possible to quickly regain the lost health benefits by starting exercise later in life or resuming it if it’s fallen off ❇️ “becoming physically active between 40 and 60 years old led to similar reductions in Read More

Moving Your Body is Non Optional!

If you do not use it, you will lose it.  This principle applies to almost every system within the human body, but especially for your muscles, bones and joints. If you are not “loading” your muscles, joints and bones on a daily basis (i.e. moving, lifting, pulling, pressing heavy stuff), your body will conserve energy Read More

Keep It Simple In 2017

Chiropractic Physician in Bloomingdale, IL – Board-Certified in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.  – Issac Newton Being healthy must be a difficult and complex task.  It eludes so many people.  Each year we set goals to lose weight, Read More

Don’t forget about your feet!

Sandal season should be right around the corner for the Chicago area.  Instead of simply getting a pedicure to prep your lower extremities, you might want to do a little maintenance on your ankle, foot and toe flexibility. I came across an excellent blog post, complete with some of the exercises I regularly prescribe to Read More

A Joint By Joint Recipe for Success

By: Erin E. Ducat DC, CSCS, CCSP How many people do you know that are constantly stretching their low backs and hamstrings?  What about necks or shoulder blades?  Do they ever seem to “win the battle” and fix the area after stretching?  Are they stuck in a “stretch cycle” that only gives them temporary relief Read More

Do you have “White Girl Butt?”

By: Erin E. Ducat DC, CSCS, CCSP “White Girl Butt” (WGB) is at epidemic proportions in the American population causing flat butts, upside down butts and other posterior problems.  Not only is it affecting our namesake Caucasian females, but it’s now spreading to men and across all ethnic groups.  We have do something about this problem Read More

Have you hit a weight loss plateau?

By: Erin E. Ducat DC, CSCS, CCSP Are you having trouble losing weight despite exercising a lot?  Does your Fitbit register 10,000 steps but the scale and your clothes size is refusing to budge?  It seems as though our bodies are smart about conserving energy and that might be working against you. A recent article Read More

What is your fitness plan for 2016?

By: Erin E. Ducat DC, CSCS, CCSP By now all of us are probably feeling the affects of Thanksgiving dinner and are sitting on the couch planning out the holiday season, which most likely includes lots of eating and drinking!  So while you’re sitting on the couch, let’s think ahead into January.  What are your Read More