Need a stronger back? Kettlebell swings can help.

The key to a pain-free spine is to train your back to withstand higher pressures than you usually experience on a day to day basis. This way you will be prepared if you happen to lift something heavy in your garage, are on your feet longer than usual or have to push a heavy cart Read More

Would playing football without a helmet be safer?

By: Erin E. Ducat DC, CSCS, CCSP A recent blog post in the New York Times discussed research that showed a 30% reduction in head injuries when football players played for part of the time without helmets.  The theory is that by practicing without the protective device, the players learned how to tackle without using Read More

Performance vs. Movement Proficiency

By: Erin  E. Ducat DC, CSCS, CCSP Modern medicine has one of the worst track records when it comes to treating and managing patients with back pain.  From my experience, one of the biggest mistakes we’ve made in the last 50 years is ignoring the importance of “moving well” and just telling patients to “move Read More