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I've been noticing a disturbing trend of patients coming to my office with pain, weakness and fatigue secondary to reduced activity levels because of COVID-19 restrictions.  It's amazing, but within a few weeks of reduced exercise, your body starts to turn muscle into fat and there are adverse effects to almost every organ system in your body.

Exercise isn't about losing weight or getting six-pack abs.  Movement is crucial to how your body is designed to function.  When you stop exercising, not only are you going to get out of breath more often, but your risk of cancer goes up, you are more likely to get anxious or depressed, insomnia gets worse, you might have reduced libido or erectile dysfunction, you experience more muscle and joint pain, your digestion is slowed down and your immune system can't fight off infections as well.

Instead of thinking about exercise as a good thing you probably should be doing, we need to view physical activity as NON-OPTIONAL...just like taking a shower, brushing your teeth and eating food.  Even those with the busiest of schedules seem to find time to shower and get dressed in the morning.  We need to view movement the same way and make sure it's an integral part of our day that we do without thinking about it.

Check out this helpful infographic about exercise and ways to add physical activity to your day during COVID-19.  I'm always here to help and support you as you regain your fitness into 2021!