We aren’t your typical chiropractor or physical therapy clinic. We work hands-on to figure out the root cause of your symptoms and design treatment plans around your goals.

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Massage Therapy

Our licensed massage therapists provide therapeutic massage therapy, including deep tissue, essential oils, sports massage and prenatal massage therapy.

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Pelvic Floor Rehab

Dr. Ducat is trained in the diagnosis and non-surgical management of pelvic floor conditions for men and women.  It’s never too late to start addressing your pelvic floor concerns!

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About Dr. Ducat

As the only chiropractic physician in Illinois triple-board certified in orthopedics, rehabilitation and sports medicine, Dr. Ducat strives to help you return to your active lifestyle, without pain, as quickly as possible.

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Keeping Bloomingdale Active and Pain-Free Is Our Mission.

Looking for rapid relief for your pain without drugs, injections or surgery?  Schedule online today.

Dr Erin Ducat is a triple-board certified Chiropractic Physician in Bloomingdale, IL and is skilled in treating a wide variety of muscle, joint and nerve injuries through evidence-based techniques that are safe, effective and help you experience long-term results.

Focusing on your needs first, we use private treatment rooms that allow our doctors to assist you one-on-one.  Every treatment plan is different, catered to your symptoms and goals.  We have a variety of tools at our disposal including chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, physical therapy and acupuncture to help you get back to your active lifestyle, naturally.