neck pain bloomingdale il chiropractor

Neck pain can be caused by problems with your muscles, joints, discs and/or nerves. 

Many patients arrive at my office frustrated with their primary care doctor, other chiropractor or orthopedist because they couldn’t tell them what was actually causing their pain.  It gets labeled “tight muscles,” “mechanical neck pain” or “pinched nerve.”

Non-specific diagnoses produces a generic treatment plan, which translates in poor outcomes, more pain and a longer recovery time for patients.  During your initial visit for a new problem, we spend time talking about your symptoms and examining you to pinpoint what is actually causing your pain.

This allows me to give you an accurate diagnosis, tell you if I can help and what we need to do to help you achieve your goals…not just following some cookbook, shotgun approach.

In this week’s video, I explain how these problems cause neck pain and demonstrate with my new flexible model how discs herniate and cause pain in the neck region.  It’s pretty cool!

This video is the second in the series of four specifically on neck pain — so keep your eyes open for the next few Saturday mornings for more information on healthy necks.  Please forward these emails to anyone you know who is suffering with neck problems.  You never know how it might change their life!


If you are suffering from neck pain and don’t know what is causing it, book an appointment with me and we can pinpoint your issue so you can get relief.