Headaches and Jaw Pain Are All Too Common. Thankfully, They're Also Very Treatable.

We treat migraines, Tension Headaches, Cervicogenic Headaches, TMJ/TMD – Jaw Pain, Dizziness/Vertigo, Post-Concussion Symptoms


While many people associate chiropractic care as a treatment for bad backs, there is growing documentation that chiropractic is also effective in the treatment of many types of headache including tension, migraine and cervicogenic headaches. In fact, the American Chiropractic Association reports that 14 percent of the public who see chiropractors presently go for headaches.

As always, it all comes down to the proper diagnosis. Headaches that are caused from chronic muscle spasm and trigger points often respond to adjustments and soft tissue work. At your first appointment, Dr. Ducat will conduct a thorough exam to determine if we can actually help you with the type of headaches you have. If we determine that you’re a candidate for care, we’ll suggest a treatment plan and begin treatment that day.

Chiropractors see hundreds of people who have been suffering for years with pain and are at their wits end because the only thing offered to them by their physicians and specialists are more drugs. Many people think headaches are normal and take over-the-counter or prescription drugs to relieve the pain. But these drugs only dull the pain, they don’t treat the cause, which is why the headache returns.

TMJ Pain

While the causes of TMJ disorders can be related to direct trauma to the jaw joint, but the cause is unclear and/or unknown in most cases. Your jaw pain, tooth discomfort or headaches might appear out of of the blue and it can be very frustrating.  

 One of the most common forms of TMJ disorders is myofascial pain. Myofascial pain is pain that originates from muscles and connective tissue, caused by a trigger point. A trigger point is an irritable spot in a muscle that is locked into a deep and painful spasm. Most of the trigger points responsible for the myofascial pain associated with TMJ are located inside the mouth and along the head and jaw, and are difficult to treat.

Dr. Ducat, a triple-board certified chiropractic physician, has been trained to diagnose and treat TMJ disorders without drugs, injections or surgery. The first step is a complete medical exam including your medical and family history, as well as, life style habits and daily routines. A posture evaluation is performed as well as palpation test to determine the severity of the disorder and the amount of mobility.  She might also ask you to see a dentist for a check up of the area or to be fitted for a nightguard.

Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Ducat can then prescribe a combination of treatments to help restore your jaw's natural function.  Chiropractic adjustments, myofascial release techniques, exercises, stretching, nutritional advice and acupuncture can all be effective for a variety of TMJ disorders. 

With the care received at our office, most patients start experiencing relief within a few visits and significant progress can be made within 6-18 visits, depending on how long you've had symptoms.  After you've acheived success with your treatment plan, Dr. Ducat will make sure you have a feasible long-term game plan to stay pain free.

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