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Many people self-report sinus headaches on a regular basis -- describing dull pain or pressure along the forehead, cheeks or eyes.  You can suffer for years without relief and it's really frustrating as the discomfort continues to disrupt your life.  Even after trying over-the-counter allergy pills, decongestants, you might see an ENT, have CT/MRI done or even go through sinus surgery, but the headaches don't go away.

This leads many doctors and researchers to wonder if the "sinus" headache pain is not really coming from their sinuses.  The neck plays a significant part in causing migraines, tension and cervicogenic headaches.  Could the neck be a contributing factor to sinus headaches too?

The researchers evaluated patients with self-reported sinus headaches and compared them to the general population.  They measured how flexible their necks were, evaluated tightness along the neck muscles and even measured the strength of their necks.  They discovered that people with the sinus headaches had a higher frequency of neck pain, tightness and weakness than those without any sinus headaches (link to article).

If you have been suffering from sinus headaches and can't find good, long-term solutions for them, I would highly recommend having your chiropractor evaluate your neck.  In my practice, I'll check to see if you have limited flexibility, tight muscles or weakness in your neck and then prescribe a individualized a combination of stretching, exercises, chiropractic adjustments and/or acupuncture.  Most patients start feeling better after their first visit and experience significant relief within just a couple of weeks.

If you do not have a chiropractor or are looking for a more individualized chiropractic or physical therapy experience, I'm happy to help in my Bloomingdale IL practice or virtually through video conferencing throughout Illinois.  



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