One of the easiest tests you can do to see how your neck is doing is to evaluate your flexibility. Healthy necks (or cervical spine as us doctors say!) should have full and pain-free range of motion in all directions.

In this week’s video, I will show you what normal flexibility looks like so you can do your own assessment at home with a friend or using your cell phone on selfie mode and then watching your movement to compare to mine.

When testing, you should NOT feel pulling or tightness. It should be as easy to move as flexing/extending your elbow. If you have tightness, pain or cannot move as far as I show in the example, your spine is not moving as well as it should.  As a result, you probably are not feeling great and are at risk for a flare-up of neck pain if you do not see your chiropractor to get back to moving well.

This video is the first in the series of four specifically on neck pain — so keep your eyes open for the next few Saturday mornings for more information on healthy necks. Please forward these emails to anyone you know who is suffering with neck problems. You never know how it might change their life!


If you cannot pass the neck flexibility test and have pain, schedule a New Injury Exam with me so we can get you the relief you deserve. If you cannot pass the test, but do not have pain, it might be time to get moving well again BEFORE pain strikes by scheduling a Wellness Visit. Book an appointment today!