Sitting at your desk for long hours is one of the most common causes of neck, middle back and shoulder pain.  The pain may not be so intense that you can't go to work, but it is definitely distracting, makes it hard to focus on work projects and makes you a tad grumpy.  Sometimes it even starts effecting you outside of the office, making it harder to work out or enjoy your favorite activities because you really want to rest.

Despite countless ergonomic sessions to fix your "posture," you still might have pain.  In this blog post, we discuss three of the best exercises to overcome desk pain and WHY they work.


1.  Thoracic Extension Over The Foam Roller

Long hours of sitting eventually leads to rounding forward of our shoulders and our spine. Overtime this causes changes to our muscles and joints that contribute to the nagging aches and pain we experience while we work. To counter the long hours of spinal flexion we have to add in some spinal extension. One of our favorites to accomplish this is "Thoracic Extension Over the Foam Roller."

2. Wall Angels

The neck/upperback/shoulder complex is all connected. In order to overcome we need to improve mid back mobility AND shoulder movement. One of our favorite exercises to open up our mid back, keep our neck in line, AND improve shoulder movement is with "Wall Angels."

3. Halo

Getting your shoulders moving and activating your core does wonders for loosening the muscles of your neck and upper back.  Pick up a kettlebell, free weight or even a gallon of water to do "Halo."  Just 10 reps each direction does wonders.


As a chiropractor, I have helped 100's of patients in the Bloomingdale area overcome their desk-related chronic neck, shoulder or middle back pain.  If you are tired of feeling older than your age and want to get back to your active lifestyle, book an appointment with me online to get started.  Most patients start feeling better after their first visit and experience full recovery in just a few weeks!



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